RTCM 13500.1 has been published and is now available for purchase - Standard for Radio Layer for Real-Time DGNSS Applications, September 6, 2023

RTCM Standard 13500.1 specifies the minimum performance requirements and test criteria for UHF radios used in Real-Time DGNSS applications.  This first edition standard is limited to UHF radios in the 400 – 475 MHz range and commonly referred to as narrow band radios of 6.25 kHz and channel bandwidths of 12.5 kHz and 25.0 kHz.

It is well known in the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) industry that there exists no standard radio layer definition.  Instead, vendor-specific proprietary radio layers are employed.  This impedes interoperation between disparate vendor equipment, even when such equipment is fundamentally communicating real-time Differential GNSS (DGNSS) messages defined in RTCM 10403.x series.  RTCM Standard 13500.1 was developed to address these disparities.

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